Nyäḻka Womens group

Early on in the project we connected with various women who told us about the long history of women’s groups in Milingimbi since the mission days. Women are strongly involved through the health clinic and the school. The women we spoke with were all very keen to do some work around governance. During a trip to Alice Springs to attend a healing conference the women also visited the WALTJA Aboriginal Corporation. With a focus on families and Aboriginal services delivery this organisation was inspiring for the women from Milingimbi. We had many meetings and workshops looking at how to  develop the governance skills required to take on such an initiative. This work has been documented in the Story of the Nyäḻka Milingimbi Women’s Aboriginal Corporation.

The story of the Nyäḻka Milingimbi Women's Aboriginl Corporation
The story of the Nyäḻka Milingimbi Women’s Aboriginl Corporation