Ntaria map

Ntaria, also known as Hermannsburg, is located 130km west of Alice Springs in the traditional lands of the Western Arrarnta people. It began its life as a Lutheran Mission in 1877 when German Missionaries established a small settlement on the banks of the Lhere Pinte (Finke River) just north of what are now called the Krichauff Ranges.

Hermannsburg became home for many Aboriginal people from across central Australia as drought and the takeover of traditional lands by pastoralists changed the landscape. Today Ntaria is home to over 600 people, mostly Western Arrarnta people, and is the central community for the number of outstations that lie across the five Land Trusts established under the Land Right Act when the lands of the mission station were handed back to the Traditional Owners in the early 1980s.

The Governance and Leadership work is being facilitated through the Tangentyere Council