Milingimbi is located on an island of the same name, which is situated on the north coast of Arnhem Land, in the Northern Territory. It is the largest island of the crocodile island group. In the local languages it is also known as Yurrwi.

Surrounding Milingimbi are a number of small homelands. Some are located on the island of Milingimbi itself and others on nearby islands and the mainland. These homelands include Bodiya, Gamurrguyurr, Dhipirri (main land), Bayagida, Murruŋga (Island) and Laŋarra (part of Howard Island). Residents of these homelands are almost always traditional land owners or custodians, hence the name “home” lands. They are significant for the governance of Milingimbi Township because they participate in the Milingimbi community, using Milingimbi for supplies and as an alternate residence for varying purposes (such as participating in the Yolŋu system and ceremonies, attending funerals, visiting family, and sometimes participating as local representatives in the governing boards of various agencies).

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