Milingimbi Council presentation

Milingimbi Council meetingOn the 9th April 2014, we presented a report on stage 1 and 2 of the Governance and Leadership project, to the Community Advisory Board of the East Arnhem Shire in Milingimbi. The report reiterated the goals of the project and reminded people about who was involved. It gave a brief outline of what we had done in stage 1 and sketched out the areas we planned to work on in stage 2. It included some pictures of meetings we had, and a detailed illustration of the sorts of activities we would be doing in stage 2. It was a busy meeting with Power and Water also presenting (see image) an employment project aimed at reducing water consumption, and enhancing reporting processes.

Download a pdf of the Powerpoint presentation here Milingimbi Stage 1-2 Report

Project Reports can be found on the Resources page