Community recommendations

By the end of the project, a number of the people we had been working with for the last two years were very clear and insistent that they wanted to deliver a set of recommendations to government.

These recommendations come from elder and emerging leaders in the community, as they sought to have their voices heard beyond the life of the IGLDP project.

These recommendations are as follows:

  • That funding be provided for the re-establish and formalise the Skin Group Meetings, and develop a work unity to carry out this function.
  • Tiwi social concerns/ grievances to be dealt with through Skin Group structure.
  • Aboriginal business Tanyah Nasir Consulting Service to support and assist the Tiwi Skin Groups design and development of their resources, structures, procedures and processes and train Tiwi people and build their capacity in how to manage and work this type of cultural infrastructure.
  • That the Skin Group meetings develop a Working Group – 4 Skin Group x 2 women and 4 Skin Group x 2 men = 16 to continue the conversations about Tiwi Way and Skin Groups and in doing so to develop a shared understanding and ownership for this.
  • That service providers be supportive of these working group members allowing them to participate in Skin Group meetings when required.
  • That local Tiwi people be trained for real employment and for all Tiwi positions
  • That all people and/or service providers on Island are to a complete Tiwi Cultural Awareness Program. This is compulsory.
  • That government and service providers work with a cultural approach, observing Tiwi Way
  • That support is offered to develop and deliver training so Tiwi people can implement a Tiwi Cultural Awareness Program.
  • That support is offered to strengthen capacity and confidence of Tiwi people. For example, all RJCP trainees to complete the full training of Tanyah Nasir Consulting Services Rise UP Program, Be Your Best, Own your Future